Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Smallest Flash Drive Size : Biggest in Storage Capacity Ever

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Before we battle against the biggest but in the world of technology we compete against the smallest. Just like the trendy netbook, the low powered processors and a lot more. And just this day I stumble upon the smallest in size yet biggest in storage capacity thumb/flash drive. This is smallest ever made thumb drive but one thing for sure this record won't last long as companies try to compete each other.

Here are the details of the thumb drive.

* Smallest size yet largest capacity USB flash drive around
* 8, 16 or 32 gigs, yet the size of your fingertip
o 31.3mm x 12.4mm x 3.4mm
* Polished Chrome and Nickel finish
* Shock and water resistant
* 200x speed, 30MB/second
* Mac, Windows, and Linux compatible

And to visualize this 32 gigabyte thumb drive in terms of its storage capacity, you can stored up to 16 full length ripped movies, 20 full days worth of music, more than sixteen-thousand 5 megapixel photos or three-hundred-twenty meters worth of shelved books all in a size smaller than your thumb.



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